A few minutes on the beach

Picture of SSAC staff member, Courtney

Hi! My name is Courtney and I oversee sexual and interpersonal violence advocacy within the Student Support and Advocacy Center at George Mason University. I wanted to share my VERY FIRST EVER relaxation audio track with you all. This week we started a campaign called the “Art of Self-Care.” We are asking Mason community members to draw, write, think of, and/or create (in anyway you can or want to do so) your own dream island. For many beaches and islands evoke strong sensations of relaxation and a simpler more assured time in our lives. When I think of my time at the beach (my favorite being the Sunset Capital of the great state of Alabama: Dauphin Island), I think of a time when I could just be. Without the threat of COVID or being stuck behind a computer screen, at the beach I am free to just relax. So today I am sharing with you my dream island visualization in hopes that together we can spend a few minutes dreaming of what it would be like to be on a beach right now. Basking in the sun. Waves at our feet. Warm salt breezy brushing against our skin. No computers and no coronavirus in sight.

Come along with me as I try out my first relaxation video taking us to the beach. Listen below:

A picture from West End Beach at Dauphin Island, Alabama. #nofilter #beachlife

Hang in there, Mason friends!


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