SSAC Presents: A special COVID-19 edition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month Bingo

Here it is! 💥💥The SSAC Sexual Assault Awareness Month Bingo: COVID-19 Edition bingo card💥💥.

Details below.

BINGO CARD, download and complete to win prizes!

Each participant will submit their proof of bingo in the form of a photo🖼 and/or video🎞. The submissions can be written responses, poems, songs🎶, artwork🎨, an action acted out with a friend and photographed/filmed (while practicing social distancing of course 😊). This is your space to be as creative as you want to be! Participants must submit 5 items from any square on your Bingo card to receive “BINGO”!

All 5 items must be sent to by the 12pm deadline on Friday April 10th. Winners will be announced Friday afternoon at 4:00pm.

Email regarding any questions or any additional accommodations needed for participation.

Just in case you’re also participating in the #ArtOfSelfCareSeries, you can absolutely use your photos and submit as a bingo entry if they match one of the activities on the board! We are all working together here! Good Luck and let’s take care of ourselves while having fun!

💛💚– Shayna

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